How to run Hello World program in C.

Step 1 :   Download Turbo C++ 3.0 Software

Download Turbo C software from the following link.

->  Download

Step 2 :   Unzip the downloaded software

Unzip the downloaded tc3.zip file

Step 3 :   Install the downloaded software

Double Click on INSTALL.EXE

Press ENTER key on your keyboard.

Now enter the Drive letter , i did input C drive here .
After then press Enter key on keyboard.

It will show the folder where you unziped your zip file so don’t change it and press Enter key on your keyboard.

4 Now it will show the installation directory where you want to install Turbo C++. You can change your installation directory by pressing Enter key from your keyboard . If you want to install the Turbo C in C:\TC folder just press F9 key from your keyboard.
5I did press F9 key from my keyboard . After that installation process being processed as follow
After being processed installation process become completed it will show the message as follow
7 Now press any key it will show you Welcome Screen close it after reading it or close it if you don’t want to read it.

Step 4: Write you C program and Execute

Open the Turbo c++ IDE by double clicking on TC.exe which is in c:\TC\bin folder .

It will open a Turbo c++ IDE window as follow
press N or click on New

and write you Hello World program


void main()


int i;

for (i=0;i<10;i++)

printf(“Hello World ! \n”);



now save it as Hello.C

you can save it as any name but .c be the extension because it is a c program.

Now compile it by pressing Alt+F9 key

Now execute it by pressing Ctrl+F9



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